Paying top dollar for gold in Las Vegas and Henderson!
Call us now at (702) 597-5966

At Vegas Gold Buyers (inside Lynn's World Consignment),
we are known for our honesty, fairness, and discretion.
We are now buying, consigning, and selling Gold Jewelry,
Watches, Diamonds, Dental Gold, Platinum, Silver and more!

Selling Gold - How Does it Work?

Selling your unwanted gold is easy! Just bring in your gold items in any condition. When you arrive, let any one of our staff know that you would like to sell your jewelry or other items and you will be introduced to one of our gold buyers. Our gold buyer will inspect your items while you wait in our comfortable, secure setting. Once our gold buyer has tendered you an offer for your items, you can walk away with cash in your pocket! The entire transaction normally won't take more then just a few minutes.

What Kind of Gold Can I Sell?

We often get the question "what kind of gold can I sell?" We will buy any item made of gold or containing gold - jewelry, coins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or even scrap gold you may have lying around. We don't care about the condition of your items or the purity of your gold - 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K - it makes no difference. We also pay top dollar for silver items, such as sterling silver flatware and jewelry, platinum, and more. If you think we might be interested - bring it in! We're always happy to take a look.

Gold Hunting Season

It's ALWAYS gold hunting season at! So start hunting through jewelry boxes, dresser drawers, night stands, the garage, the attic - wherever you might find that forgotten treasure. Bring it in to Vegas Gold Buyers at Lynn's World and turn that unwanted treasure into CASH!

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